Black Kids Hairstyles

Cailee’s Baby Afro & Spanish Style Dress

People on Instagram thought that Cailee (of @WilliamsFamilyFunAdventures) was a doll when they saw these pictures. Cutiepie Ca

Awesome Triangular Bantu Knots for Kids! | Video

This triangular bantu knots style is from IAMBSoUnique1 on youtube. Everybody loves bantu knots because they are really cute,

Fuss free wash day for Black kids from Naptural85

Whitney White aka Naptural85 shares her newest wash day tips for fussy kids. Her daughter Olivia is a pretty tough customer an

How to Effectively Moisturize Black Kids Hair

If you are Black or have come into contact with Black hair at all then you have, of course, realized that it is different than

Niya’s Ponytails on Straightened Hair

Miss Niya is looking super cute with her straightened hair in these long ponytails. The colorful accessories are always a plus

Shirley Temple Curl Ponytails @thisisGuGu

Here’s a beautiful special occasion hairstyle from ThisIsGuGu on youtube. What an adorable holiday hairstyle for little

JournieMuse’s Cute Hairstyles for little Girls

We’re featuring JournieMuse because we are in love with her many hairstyles that are perfect for little girls. We’

Cornrow Headband with Zig Zag Buns

What a cute hairstyle for little Black girls! It has braids, pretty buns and fun zig zagged parting. It was uploaded by Prince

10 Trendy Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

If you are lucky enough to know how to braid then it will make styling your little girls hair much more easy. You can go super

Jason Ulloa Finger Coils Aubrey’s Curly Hair

This finger coils tutorial was posted by Jason Ulloa on Youtube. He is styling his niece Aubrey’s hair and it is pretty

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